The New York Jets - A Forgettable Season

Posted by Manager on 9th Dec 2014

Entering into the 2014 NFL season, New York Jets fans had all the hope in the world that their team would be vying for a Playoff spot in the AFC and possibly a AFC EAST Division Title as well. They were coming off an 8-8 season, finishing 2nd in the AFC East behind the New England Patriots. With the addition of offensive powerhouses such as Eric Decker, Chris Johnson, and mid-season pick-up Percy Harvin (they were 1-5 when they picked him up), the Jets looked to improve upon their 8-8 record and fight for the division title behind their starting quarterback, Geno Smith. Michael Vick was added to the roster as a veteran leader and mentor to their young quarterback. 

Starting the season off with a win against the Raiders, the Jets then had eight consecutive losses. During these losses, Smith was benched for Vick following three interceptions. Each week, we heard Rex Ryan give the same speech about how the offense needed to improve upon their decision making skills. For someone who’s known for their sometimes "lack of forethought" comments, it was somewhat surprising that Rex Ryan kept an unemotional stance while reporter after reporter asked him what happened. For a defensive-minded coach, it seemed as though the offense would somehow lose the game for the rest of the team during each of those losses. The Jets were able to go into their bye week with a big win over the Pittsburgh Steelers; giving hope to every New York fan out there. 

Following the bye week, the Jets continued to find a way to lose. After being completely outplayed by the Buffalo Bills in Detroit following a blizzard in Buffalo, the Jets allowed the Miami Dolphins to kick a game winning field goal with just 2 minutes to play in the 4th quarter. The Jets had the opportunity to at least tie the Dolphins with a field goal, but were unable to deliver as Smith was intercepted with 39 seconds to go. Again, during last Sunday’s game, New York Jets fans had all the hope in the world. The Jets seemed to stay in the game, even going down to kick a game-tying field goal with 20 seconds to go. The Jets hoped that their momentum would carry over into overtime. However, in overtime, Teddy Bridgewater was able to pass for an 87 yard touchdown, as the Minnesota Vikings beat the Jets. 

So what is going on with the Jets? It seems as though they just find a way to lose each week. Their Defense has also been a letdown. Though good against the run, they have been near the bottom of the league against the pass. With such as weak Offense, they needed their Defense to really step-up. Obviously, that hasn't happened this season. Whether or not they win another game this season, this will be one of the most forgettable seasons for most New York Jets fans. With rumors of general manager, John Idzik, alienating himself from both the staff and coaches, the future of Rex Ryan and the entire time seems to be uncertain.