Quick Tips for Creating the Perfect Man Cave

Posted by Manager on 10th Dec 2014

A man cave allows men the chance to retreat from the stresses of daily life and relax at home. Creating the perfect man cave can be a fun way for a man to interact with other family members as well as his circle of male friends. 


Start by painting the walls the right color. A man cave should have dark walls in order to help create a sense of retreat from the world. Darker colors tend to read more manly than lighter colors. Using dark browns, bright reds, hunter greens and even a touch of black in the room to help set a masculine atmosphere. 


Another great way to create a fun man cave is with the right toys. A flat screen television to watch that big game is essential. Add in other grownup toys such as a pool table, a basketball hoop, a few large electronic games such as pinball and an up to date gaming system and you're all set to host a party or just have fun. 


The right man cave demands the right masculine accessories. Line the walls with hunting trophies. Place hunting and fishing equipment in the corners of the room. A bar for snacking and a refrigerator to keep the beer cold are also essential. A freezer can hold ice for drinks while additional shelving and storage can be used for snacks. Storage space is also important to help store items such as plates and forks. Some men may wish to consider installing a dishwasher as well for easier clean up after a party here. 


Comfort is an important consideration when designing any man cave. The ideal man cave will have ample seating with lots of cushions. Leather is perfect when aiming for a masculine look. Darker colors are better. Any man cave should have at least one large sofa where occupants can gather and put their feet up. A matching ottoman is also best. The ottoman should be large enough to allow multiple people to put up their feet at the same time. Many men will also want to have additional seating such as a reclining chair where they can take a nap after a hard day's work. 

Flooring and Lighting 

Plush flooring also works well. Start with a base of dark wood that blends well with the overall look in the room. Place a large, thick rug on top of it patterned in dark colors such as red and dark blue. Lighting can also be used quite effectively in a man cave. Purchase overhead lighting to help draw attention to the television and make it easier to watch. Up lights can help light specific areas of the room.