How ‘Bout Them Cowboys

Posted by Manager on 23rd Dec 2014

Despite enduring heartbreaking losses at the end of their seasons spanning what seems like the last 10 NFL years, the Dallas Cowboys appear to possess the most complete team they have had in a very long time. Although they seemed to have had the pieces to the puzzle in place in previous years, they've gained a reputation as a team that crumbles when the chips are on the line. Continually, the Cowboys have found themselves with their backs up against the wall in a must win game, only to wind up squandering an opportunity, leaving the entire team scratching their heads and displaying rejected looks as they exit the building.

Although quarterback Tony Romo often wears his heart on his sleeve and owns up to the Cowboys demise, he’s often the culprit that throws a late interception sealing their fate. This has been a completely different season for the Cowboys star, as he has not been turning over the ball nearly as much and seems to be making better decisions when he’s in the pocket. This may prove to be a huge factor going into the playoffs as their success generally seems to be on his shoulders. Luckily, he has a great team around him this year that has been playing outstanding football. They find themselves with a single game left in the season sitting at with a very comfortable eleven wins and four losses, facing off against the Washington Redskins in their final match-up.

In the past, they have struggled as the season has drawn on but they made it very clear on Sunday that they are the real deal. They absolutely smashed the Indianapolis Colts on their home field and left them confused as they were pummeled into the ground in a 42-7 victory. The Cowboys were completely dominant on both sides of the ball and it didn't appear that they had any difficulty at all in containing quarterback Andrew Luck and the Colts Offense. Their defense was outstanding as well, as the team held the Colts to a single touchdown.

The type of tenacity and fire that they brought to the Colts game needs to be a mindset that they bring to the field each and every time they play if they want to have a legit shot at winning the Super Bowl this year. Despite receiving heavily criticism and speculation that they will ultimately crumble again, the team has stated they are confident in handling the task at hand and their actions continue to back that up. Dallas finds themselves heading into the last game of the season while already holding a ticket to the Playoffs, making this weekend’s game more of a testament to the team’s strength rather than a must win game.