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Pro-Wrestlers Joining UFC or MMA and Vice Versa

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In recent years, some of the more famous wrestlers have gone from the associations in pro-wrestling to the UFC and MMA worlds. And UFC and MMA stars have attempted to do the same. Some of the cases where individuals have done so are listed down below.

After a stellar career in the WWE, well-known wrestler CM Punk is just one of the new examples on this list. He’s one of the best known names in professional wrestling. In January of 2014, CM Punk walked out on a live event in WWE, as he needed to step-back from it all, especially for what was going on in WWE concerning his lack of a "push" and all the other politics going on. In June, he was officially fired. From there, Punk announced his decision to join UFC. He’ll be fighting in the Octagon starting in the Spring of 2015.

He’s not the first boxing notable who has undergone this transformation. Punk joins the likes of others who have made this notable transition. Other well-known names include Brock Lesnar, Bobby Lashley, and Ken Shamrock. 

Brock Lesnar was a former UFC championship boxer and he has been setting tongues wagging and rumoring by his decision to rejoin the UFC championships again. It’s one of the options he may have always considered. He is one of the latest wrestlers who has made the transition between the two.

Another wrestler who may be considering a career in the UFC is Bobby Lashley. Lashley has set the league on its ear and has gone from being a pro-wrestler to a MMA fighter. He has followed the example of Brock Lesnar in 2008 and has followed this WWE pro into the ring. Many wrestlers will look toward Lashley as an inspiration. He now feels like an insider at the MMA as opposed to a fighter. He was known as a UFC fighter before transitioning to the WWE and back again.

Ken Shamrock is another well-known pro-wrestler and fighter who has made transitions between the two. Shramock, who has gone from the UFC to the WWE and back again is one of the super stars of MMA. He’s a well-known name who has made the transition between both words successfully. Shamrock is well known for some MMA championships and excelling at kickboxing and UFC championships. He is one of the most well-known names in UFC boxing.

King Mo is an award winning MMA fighter and an individual who has dabbled in professional wrestling. He's someone who has gotten the claim to fame as being one of the individuals who dabbles in the sport and was offered a contract by World Wrestling Entertainment. Mo spent a week at Ohio Valley Wrestling, WWE's developmental area for professional wrestling before deciding not to join them, but he has participated in the TNA.

Another UFC fighting star who has dabbled in the pro-wrestling is Rampage Jackson. He's part of Bellator MMA on Spike TV and that's where he shines. He’s one of the individuals who has gotten the distinction of having performed admirably in both leagues. Jackons' foray into professional wrestling began with TNA. He talks about how it was a tough experience and equating professional wrestling to be akin to a career as a live stuntman.

It seems clear that the link between professional wrestling and UFC and MMA will continue with a lot of crossover between athletes in these allied sports.

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